5 Enemies of Clear Skin

Truth to be told, it is really impossible to look and stay young forever. But there can be existing bad factors or habits that speeds up the aging process. Do not let the following make you look older than you deserve.



Exposure to the sun is probably the number 1 enemy of a younger looking skin. Around 70% of the aging process is connected to sun exposure. The solar radiation not only destructs the collagen fibers but also the oxidation process of the skin cells. When the synthesis of collagen and elastin is impaired, the structure and matrix of the skin’s normal function breaks down. Too much sun will result in thin, rough and wrinkled skin. This will make the skin more delicate and exposed to further damage.


Smoking is not only destructive for your overall health but also to your skin’s health. Prolonged smoking will cause the premature appearance of fine lines especially around the lips. These type of lines usually appears 10 to 15 years to non-smokers. Smoking interferes and reduces the level of vitamin C in the blood. This will be a great loss because vitamin C is an essential component in collagen production. It will be connected to dull appearance and poor elasticity of the skin compared to a healthy and youthful skin.


Having an unbalanced diet, especially if its packed with sugar, can lead to the rigidness and loss of skin elasticity. Eating too much sweets will lead to the process called glycation. This will damage the collagen of the skin leading to poor elasticity and wrinkles. A great diet must have a great source of antioxidants coming from fruits and vegetables. Dietary oxidants found in healthy food such as beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene and other antioxidants can reach the dermis and neutralize the damages associated with sun exposure, chronic diseases, pollution and smoking.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is an important part of your day. Because during the period of a deep sleep, the brain will secrete growth hormones. This hormone has an important role in order to keep the body tissue functioning, including skin nourishment and renewal. Sleep deprivation will instead release stress hormones, which will add up to the breakage of collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps the skin’s elasticity and texture. Lacking of good and quality sleep will be clearly evident on the skin and will lead to premature aging.


Even stress can lead to premature signs of aging. Aside from the wrinkles caused by worried faces, stress can affect the energy level of a person. There will be an increase production of adrenaline and hormone cortisol. The elevation of adrenaline can deplete the storage of nutrients in the body. While the high levels of cortisol can disrupt the connective tissues. A sudden change in the production of hormones can result to the sudden appearance of unwanted lines on the face.

It is never too late to stay away from these harmful factors that can lead to the unwanted signs of aging. Start the necessary precaution in order to reverse and even stop premature aging. Invest in skincare products that can improve the tight appearance of a more radiant skin. Be more cautious and mindful of the things that can cause and reverse aging.

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